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10 golden rules of nutrition and how to do their act to slim

What woman does not know that a good breakfast is the foundation to catch place dieting? You do not know that if we dedicate half oritsa day in the gym will have spectacular results in the body? Or is there a female on the planet who does not know that you should not eat late at night although of course wants to lose weight. But what from theory to practice? The problem is not that you do not know what to do, but that you can not apply what you know well that will help you slim down. You enjoy every day a rich breakfast. You know well ... The breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it is key to our health and weight control. You know to say no to temptations. When you are on diet process you should behave like a soldier and not deviating ever. If you eat something that is unscheduled ruin the entire series of the diet.

3. Food never late ... It's like saying the gold standard. If you eat at night will ruin weight loss effort. The last meal would be: 19.00. Come however you stay up, you xagrypniseis will find yourself with friends at night DVD and surely this will happen after 19.00. 

4. Fast Food thou? Never ... When we are in the diet phase not approach the fast food we both beckon because they are loaded with fat and calories.

5. Many small meals. Often feel that the phrase that you hear then in your mind. Consume small frequent meals for best results. Come But what will happen to forget, not missed ...

6. Fresh organic produce is your ideal choice. The impeccable lifestyle impose shop fresh produce and organic for more balanced diet.

7. Bye, bye sugar! Ideally you should not consume any sugar because all your offers are fat and calories. We should not put aim nor how much we lose, nor how long. The only thing we accomplish is to become stressed and lose the essence of a balanced diet. The weight must be lost in a safe manner and without deprivation not to get them back. What we can do is to set small goals such as 0.5-1 kg per week.

9. Adopts right nutritional supplements to provide the body with all the nutrients and feel healthy But that is the measure? Cases where there is an increased need for intake of certain nutrients, which can not be met practically quantitatively through daily dietary intake. Charachtiristika examples of this category is the adolescence, the championship and pregnancy.  Exercise regularly. Yes, exercise is so important, and diet when you want to have beautiful and healthy body. But how easy it is to stay faithful to your program? 

The Summer and special period of your EDGED is at that time when the diet relaxes and your silhouette leaking . To apogefgeis it followed the following weight maintenance plan that you lost ! If you are rigorous, you will be able not only to maintain your weight but also lose about 1 pound a week !  

Restrict calories
Start keeping a meal diary for a week. He continued to eat as food to eat, the only difference record everything you consume. So, understand the mistakes you make in your diet and the corrections.
 Eat breakfast
Eat breakfast every day. Eating breakfast your metabolism helping to "wake up" and start working to make better combustion and thus be able to burn more fat. If you neglect your breakfast, your body can store more fat rather than burn it.
Do not forget the small frequent meals
Do not remain fasting for more than 3-4 hours. Thus glucose levels fall in blood and there is hypersecretion of insulin. This results in what you eat, your body stores fat. Also increasing bulimia voltage, i.e. high intakes of food or freshwater shortly.

Melt fat in 28 days!

Burn excess grease two times faster and exploit the time savings would be glad for the revamped, slimmer and more shapely your body.

It is almost certain that when you hear the phrase "exercise for burning fat" brings to mind a rather arduous process, with much sweat and time consuming exercises. What, however, do not know is that there are some new training strategies that maximize calorie burning and fat with a total of less workout time. If you practice them regularly, the fat burning will not only direct, but also prolonged.

Faster, more efficiently ...

With minor changes in the way work out, you achieve better results without doing overtime at the gym ...
1. Aerobic gymnasts morning

When you wake up, your thyroid is still asleep. But as the thyroid is the main regulator of metabolism, this means that the breakfast rate of burning is more slow and remains slow for a long time unless the appropriate excite.
The new strategy: Drink 1-2 glasses of water, without anything to eat, walk or run on a treadmill for 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, you can do any other aerobic exercise such as cycling, elliptical, walking outdoors or up and down stairs. After the gym drinking water again, bring to a 5-10 minutes and then eat your breakfast meal, to further increases thermogenesis.
Results: The thyroid hormones intensify combustion and because they remain in the bloodstream for several hours, keep the body alert. Thus, the body is converted to burning "oven" melting in "flame" of stored fat.
2. Change in speed and intensity

Doing aerobic exercise at constant low intensity burn relatively few calories. In contrast to higher volume levels spend more total energy and forcing your body to use more fat. Combining low and high in the same program, you achieve both!
The new strategy: On any aerobic program you interchange traineeships at high and at low speed. If, for example, walking for 30 minutes, you start first with five minutes warming up. Then, walking quickly for 1 minute (pulse counting) and then more slowly also 1 minutes (pulse reduced). Repeat the alternations these 10 times, making a total of about 20 minutes, and finish with 5 minutes slacking. Later, as you progress, you can run for 1-2 minutes (high intensity), to "rest for" little walk for a while (lower intensity), then repeat running, then walking, etc.
Results: Increases muscle activity, blood circulation, oxygenation of tissues, speed metabolism and fat burning rate during exercise and remain at high levels for several hours after its completion. I'm perfectly healthy. I have severe anemia, or a family history of osteoporosis. I follow some medication. I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. I have frequent diarrhea. It is completely opposite to the way they fed so far  - will have to make huge changes in my diet. I do not like vegetables. The many fiber create my stomach upset, gas, bloating and swelling. If you have gastrointestinal problems, do not consume large amounts outset foods with "negative calories". Increase the amounts gradually over time. Consult your doctor if iron or calcium supplements receive. 

For starters, it is necessary to eat 4-5 meals a day, including brunch and afternoon. It is important to start with breakfast (eg wholegrain cereal with milk or a toast with orange juice). The options you can have for lunch is the fish because it contains protein and good fats that the body needs (2 times a week). Another good choice is the chicken as it is rich in protein but also has a lower fat content.

This does not mean that we exclude certain red meats but we should avoid the thickening cooking ways. Alternatively lunch may be an omelet (2 eggs) cooked in a little oil, accompanied by light dairy products and mushrooms You should also eat legumes such as lentils beans and chickpeas. Accompanying lunch can be grilled vegetables, potatoes, rice or pasta. Afternoon Brunch and you should eat are nuts without salt reason that contain good fats, such as almonds and walnuts. Also you can eat yogurt, fruits and a combination of the above. The evening you should consist of meals such as salad with some protein food such as chicken, tuna or fruit yogurt or milk with whole grains.

Signs that you're in love-even full house

How do you know that love to have hit katakoutela but also that they are unable to recover even though years have passed for joining us There are some behaviors that characterize each soul in love and remain unaltered over time as your little heart still beats for him. No, it is not true that love always crumble over time.

So if you wonder whether you are in love-still look for the 15 signs that you will reveal the truth:

1. You close specific appointments In the beginning: The appointment vaguely like "see you" is not enough thee shalt stdout and the whole night with him. After years: Arrange to go out just the two of you like the first time: what to do them friends when you have the chance to be with your husband face to face in a romantic restaurant?

2. manifests physically In the beginning: Show signs (tender) aggression when you are together: you can not get your hands off of you and at times comes to the bite. After years: Continue always keep on hand when walking along the street.

3. Do you feel free to express yourself In the beginning: You want to talk to him about everything and share with him what you descend to the head. After years: She talks to him about everything.

4. Speak then to phone In the beginning: Always talking a lot, but now you've made the mobile earring with him on a consistent basis to the other end of the line. After years: One in your two calls addressed to him or from him.

5. The presence of thee enough In the beginning: In calling your house just to "hang out" company, without concrete plans. After years: Your best to you both of you, relaxed at home sitting side by side on the sofa, even though everyone makes his own.

Face Lotion to ... beat acne!

Make this antiseptic and healing lotion and wiped irritating pimples ... If pimples are your biggest beauty problem, we have the solution to the disappearances once and for all! Create your only a soothing and antiseptic lotion "fading" blackheads and removes sebum and acquired again radiant and smooth skin.


-500gr. Pure alcohol
-1 Cup of tea pansies
-1 Cup of tea melissa
-1 Cup of tea Verbena
-1 Cup of coffee sage


-Vazoume The ingredients in a glass bottle with alcohol and leave the mixture for 10 days, stirring 1-2 times a day. Then strain it and "keep" the lotion.

-using The lotion on face and neck 2-3 times a week, depending on the skin type. In fat points can not do it daily.