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10 golden rules of nutrition and how to do their act to slim

What woman does not know that a good breakfast is the foundation to catch place dieting? You do not know that if we dedicate half oritsa day in the gym will have spectacular results in the body? Or is there a female on the planet who does not know that you should not eat late at night although of course wants to lose weight. But what from theory to practice weight destroyer pdf free download? The problem is not that you do not know what to do, but that you can not apply what you know well that will help you slim down.

1. You enjoy every day a rich breakfast. You know well ... The breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because it is key to our health and weight control. 

2. You know to say no to temptations. When you are on diet process you should behave like a soldier and not deviating ever. If you eat something that is unscheduled ruin the entire series of the diet.

3. Food never late ... It's like saying the gold standard. If you eat at night will ruin weight loss effort. The last meal would be: 19.00. Come however you stay up, you xagrypniseis will find yourself with friends at night DVD and surely this will happen after 19.00. 

4. Fast Food thou? Never ... When we are in the diet phase not approach the fast food we both beckon because they are loaded with fat and calories.

5. Many small meals. Often feel that the phrase that you hear then in your mind. Consume small frequent meals for best results. Come But what will happen to forget, not missed ...

6. Fresh organic produce is your ideal choice. The impeccable lifestyle impose shop fresh produce and organic for more balanced diet.

7. Bye, bye sugar! Ideally you should not consume any sugar because all your offers are fat and calories. We should not put aim nor how much we lose, nor how long. The only thing we accomplish is to become stressed and lose the essence of a balanced diet. The weight must be lost in a safe manner and without deprivation not to get them back. What we can do is to set small goals such as 0.5-1 kg per week. 

9. Adopts right nutritional supplements to provide the body with all the nutrients and feel healthy. But that is the measure? Cases where there is an increased need for intake of certain nutrients, which can not be met practically quantitatively through daily dietary intake. Charachtiristika examples of this category is the adolescence, the championship and pregnancy.

Exercise regularly. Yes, exercise is so important, and diet when you want to have beautiful and healthy body. But how easy it is to stay faithful to your program? 

The Summer and special period of your EDGED is at that time when the diet relaxes and your silhouette leaking . To apogefgeis it followed the following weight maintenance plan that you lost ! If you are rigorous, you will be able not only to cruise control 10 foods maintain your weight but also lose about 1 pound a week !